How ‘The Good Wife’ creator Julie Klausner’s life changed with cancer and her son’s birth

When her husband, writer-director J.J. Abrams, announced that he would be directing the fifth season of The Good Wife, Julie Klausener’s life was changed.

But her son was born in March, and it wasn’t long before the writer-producer, who’s also a mother, became one of the show’s biggest fans.

“I can’t thank my mom enough,” she said, referring to the late actress.

“She’s my rock, and she’s my strength.

I can’t believe that she’s gone.

She was the heart of the cast, and I’m really grateful for her.”

Klausner, who is survived by her husband of 32 years, James, and two children, 11-year-old Max and 14-yearold twins Jacob and Lauren, is a regular on the series.

She also directed episodes of the rebooted Netflix series, which returns this fall.

She’s been a fan since her days on The Good Women, and her involvement with the show has always been about bringing her life into perspective.

“There’s a huge difference between my mother being alive and her passing,” she told The Associated Press.

“It’s such a humbling experience to be able to do something that so much depends on her.”

But the actor also said she’s glad to be part of a show that she loves, as well as having her son.

“My mom is very much a part of the fabric of this show,” she added.

“We have a family of our own.

We have an apartment together.

We live together.”

For her, The Good Woman is “a way of life.”

But there are limits to how much she can do, she said.

“The best way for me to live my life would be to stop being a writer and just be a mother.”

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