How to Get the Most Out of the New Emotional Audio Clip from Beyonce’s Beauty Behind the Madness album

A new video from Beyoncé’s upcoming album, Beauty Behind The Madness, is being made available today to fans via an exclusive preview trailer, showcasing a clip from the upcoming song.

The video, titled “Beauty Behind The Revolution,” features a scene where the rapper is seen wearing a bright orange headband and singing to her.

She also appears in a black and white photograph, which can be seen below.

Beauty behind the revolution”Beauty of the revolution, yes, that’s what it says.

It’s a little bit like the movie,” she says to her supporters as she stands in front of a red dress and a purple cape.”

The video is the first glimpse of the new Beyoncé album and this clip, it’s really important to understand the new music,” said Justin Timberlake, who is also a producer on the album.

“It is the beginning of a new journey, and I hope you enjoy it.”

The clip features a new version of “Hold Up” from the album, which was released in February.

The song is the third single off the album and features the same production team that produced Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “Black Panther.”

The new video also includes a few other previously unreleased clips.

A sample of the song can be heard below: