Factory Compilation

Electrical & Control Panel Manufacturing

  • PCC (Power Centre Control) Panel
  • MCC (Motor Centre Control) Panel
  • APFC (Automatic Power Factor Correction) Panel
  • PDB (Power Distribution) Panel
  • Meter Panels
  • Wireless & iMCC Panels
  • Bare Cubicles & JBs
  • 11kV HT Meter Kiosk
  • CNC Design on Metal Sheets (up to 10mm)

Site Compilation

Industrial / Residential / Commercial

  • Commissioning & Erection of 11kV Substation
  • Transformer & DG Erection & Commissioning
  • Low side Electrical Installation (Conduit, Wiring, Lighting, Earthing, Electrical devices (Switch/Socket/DB etc.)
  • LT Cable laying & Termination
  • LV line Cable laying & Device Installation
  • UPS / Inverter Installation

Design Theater

Electrical Design

We provide following drawings of various Panels as MCC, iMCC, PCC, PDB, APFC panels etc

  • SLD (Single line diagram)
  • Fabrication detail
  • GA and IGA drawing
  • Bill of Quantity and Estimation

CNC Design

Maayra Designs (Unit of Prateek Power Industries)

  • We Maayra designs are renowned for customized design with finest quality of cutting and state-of-art Luminescence Engineering. All CNC cutting and designer work under one roof.
  • Designer Cutting / Engraving work on Ferrous and Non Ferrous material like Mild Steel, MDF, HDF, Plywood, Acrylic etc.
  • In House Designing team for customizable design.

Lighting Design and EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Commissioning)

Beyond lighting, we create luminescence

  • Commissioning / Installation of Electrical devices & lighting on site as per electrical or lighting plan.
  • Luminescence Engineering (Lighting plan of Interior / Exterior / landscape)
  • Procurement of Lights, Wire/Cables, Conduit Pipes and Electrical devices on site