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  • How to make a cocky chick cry with the best of them

    I’ve had a lot of cocky girls in my life and I’m a huge fan of the ones who are willing to let you do whatever you want to them.But I’d also like to give a shout out to the ones that just don’t want you to.They have to be the most cocky, they have […]

  • ‘C’ compiler: How Microsoft got rid of its C# language

    Microsoft has spent years trying to get rid of the C# programming language and its language features.But now it’s going the extra mile to make it as simple as possible to use, say, a program like Visual Studio Code.It is the first time that Microsoft has released a compiler for C#, which was introduced in […]

  • How to get pussy creams in every room

    The secret to getting pussy creamps in every corner of your house is knowing the right tools to use, according to a brand new compilation by American Apparel.The women behind the new collection, called “Pussy Creampie,” shared tips for getting pussy cams in your home.Here are the essential tools that can get pussy camps in […]

  • Gay porn star gets a blowjob in gay porn

    The gay porn star has an incredible ass.She got a blow job in the first video of this compilation.A gay porn director named Andrew is in the video.“I love this ass,” Andrew said in the opening scene.“You’ve got such a nice round ass.You have a really nice round bottom.I love this butt.”Andrew then went on […]

  • Peter North’s Big Boobs compilation is the biggest one ever!

    Peter North was at the forefront of the women’s bodybuilding and fitness movement in the 1970s and 80s.He also had some of the biggest breasts ever seen.The former bodybuilder turned bodybuilder and fitness guru, who also has a film career, has just released his second compilation of all his biggest boobs.The first compilation, which was […]

  • How to Lose a Cuckold in 3 Easy Steps

    Cuckolding is a dirty word in the Christian world.And the Bible is full of admonitions to “never” or “never again” for those who would cheat on their wives.But in the Bible, adultery is a sin that can only be forgiven if you confess it.So, what is a cuckolded husband supposed to do?He has two options: […]

  • How to get your girlfriend to eat your cock

    It’s no secret that many women are drawn to the cock-sucking of their partner, and it seems that some of the best creampies can be found online.Here are six ways to get a chick to enjoy the taste of your cock.1.Make a creampiece video: Some women are just too shy to actually do the creampiest […]

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