Teen facial compilation: Teen facial collection featuring Tessa Mae, Tessa O’Neal and Kylie Jenner

The teens of the teen facial collection compilation feature Kylie, Tasha Mae, and Tessa in full teeny-pop style, all with their full-on expressions.

Kylie is a blonde, and her face looks very much like a strawberry blonde, while Tessa looks like she’s wearing an orange-colored wig.

It’s clear they are not in their teeny pop stage, and instead are trying to create a full on adult look.

Tessa is definitely in a pretty big league of teeny rockstars, having starred in several popular teeny albums and movies like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Girlfriends Rules,” and “Toxic.”

But Kylie’s makeup is so unique, and it really makes you wonder if this is her actual teeny style.

Is Kylie trying to recreate the look she had when she was younger?

Is she using makeup to make herself look like a different person?

We think Kylie might have had her makeup made up as a teenager, but this isn’t her actual appearance.

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The Teen Face Collection, which was released on May 27, features 16 of the hottest teens in teeny fashion.

Check out the full collection below, and share your thoughts in the comments.