Which car crash is best?

“Pull out compilation” is one of those videos you don’t see much on YouTube, but it’s a brilliant compilation of car crashes that we think you’ll enjoy.

Here are some of our favorite car crashes.1.

The driver gets hit by a car in a parking lot in Mexico.2.

A driver who’s trying to pull out of a parking space crashes his car in the parking lot and dies.3.

A car accident that leaves a man unconscious in the street has an enormous impact on his future.4.

A man gets hit and killed in a car accident in Mexico while he was driving with his wife.5.

A pedestrian is struck and killed by a vehicle while walking down the street.6.

A passenger gets out of his car after being struck by a bus, and he dies.7.

A woman is killed in an accident with her 2-year-old daughter.8.

A motorcyclist and a bicyclist are both killed when a motorcycle driver crashes while riding on a sidewalk.9.

A truck driver crashes into a pedestrian.10.

A girl is killed when she is killed by her mother when she’s in a van.11.

A boy gets hit in the head by a stray bullet while sitting on a park bench.12.

A dog dies after being hit by an SUV while on the playground.13.

A cyclist is killed after being shot by a bullet fired by a burglar.14.

A family is found shot to death in a burning home.15.

A couple is found killed in their home by the head of a dog who had just eaten a dog.16.

A mother and daughter are found shot and killed after their house was burglarized.17.

A father is found dead after being stabbed and his wife was found stabbed.18.

A husband is found with his hands tied in a basement in an abandoned house.19.

A toddler is found stabbed to death after being dropped off at school by a babysitter.20.

A neighbor is found beaten and left for dead in a dumpster.21.

A home is broken into and two people are killed when two cars are parked next to each other.22.

A school bus is burglarised and is set on fire.23.

A child is killed and his parents are killed in two separate car crashes, one in Mexico and the other in the United States.24.

A homeless man is found hanging from a tree limb after being robbed.25.

A drunk man is killed as he tries to jump off the balcony of his home.26.

A police officer is killed at his home after being ambushed by a mob.27.

A student is killed while sitting in a classroom during a Halloween celebration.28.

A teacher is found burned to death inside her classroom.29.

A person is killed during a car chase in a bar.30.

A pregnant woman is found on her roof after being assaulted by a gang of thugs.31.

A young woman is shot in the stomach by a gunman as she walks through a park.32.

A group of people are caught in a hail of gunfire that lands on them and kills at least five.33.

A fire breaks out in a gas station that was set ablaze by an arsonist.34.

A firefighter is killed trying to rescue his partner after being attacked by an angry mob.35.

A teenager is shot and critically injured after being thrown from a balcony and then thrown down a flight of stairs.36.

A funeral is held for a man who was killed when he and his girlfriend were chased by a rival gang.37.

A teenage boy is shot by an attacker after being accused of being involved in a drug deal gone wrong.38.

A victim is found drowned in a river after being kidnapped and then brutally tortured.39.

A pair of men are found in a swimming pool after they were attacked by a jealous ex-girlfriend.40.

A murder occurs when a car crashes into the back of a school bus.41.

A teen is discovered dead in his apartment after he was murdered in a random attack.42.

A baby is found murdered and then her mother is found brutally murdered after her son is murdered.43.

A farmer’s home is destroyed in a freak accident that ends with the house being torn down.44.

A friend is found to have been kidnapped by a kidnapper who then kills her.45.

A house is set ablazing and multiple people are injured.46.

A gunman is shot dead after opening fire at a restaurant.47.

A construction worker is found in the trunk of his truck after he’s been shot and injured by an assailant who then proceeds to attack him.48.

A bank robbery takes place when two bank tellers are shot dead in the back and the driver is found alive.49.

A road accident leaves a young woman dead after she was hit by her car.50.

A suicide bomber attacks a military base and a military vehicle with explosives.51